Yongmasan Mountain – Best Place To Visit In Seoul


With its altitude of 348m, Yongmasan Mountain is the highest peak of Achasan Mountain located in Dong-hyeon of Myeongmok-dong. The mountain stretches through the ridges of Manguri Park and Junggok-dong, and continues its way past Achasan Mountain Fotress to near the back gate of Children’s Grand Park, adding up to a total area of 2,800,619㎡.

* Yongma Waterfall Park
Located at Mountain 1-4 bunji of Myeonmok-dong, Yongma Waterfall is composed of three branches of waterfall with Yongma Waterfall at its center and Cheongryong Waterfall to its left and Baekma Waterfall to its right. Yongma Waterfall is a two-layered waterfall with a height of 51.4m and width of 3~10m. The height of Cheongryong Waterfall is 21m and Baekma Waterfall 21.4m.

* Yongmasan Sagajeong Park
Opened in April 13, 2004, Sagajeong Park is located at the entrance of Myeonmok Drinking Well with an area of 106,446㎡. The park was named after scholar and writer Seo Geo-jeong who had written historical records of the Joseon period as he had lived nearby Yongmasan Mountain. Stone monuments encrypted with four of his most representative poems are raised for visitors to read while relaxing at the park. The park offers various facilities such as picnic areas, playground, outdoor exercise equipments, stream, sagajeong (traditional pavilion) and others so that visitors may conveniently relax and enjoy their time at the park.

Hiking Course
Gueuidong Younghwasa Temple – Palgkajeong – Achasan Peak – Yongma Mountain Top – Daewon International High School – Gwangjang-dong Dongui Elementary School – Palgakjeong – Achasan Summit – Yongmasan Mountain Gingorang Gym Park – Yongmasan Mountain Path, Aseong Villa, Seonjin Housing Course, etc.

How To Go There:

Yongmasan Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 2.
Take bus no. 2219, 2012.


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