National Hangeul Museum – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

National Hangeul Museum

The National Hangeul Museum showcases the history and value of Korean orthography, Korean’s most-valued cultural asset, through exhibitions, activities, and education. Occupying over 11,322㎡, the museum has one basement level and three ground levels, along with an outdoor grass field and resting area perfect for cultural events, exhibits, and education. The museum is comprised of the Hangeulnuri (library) on the first floor, a permanent exhibition hall and Areumnuri (Korean cultural item store/tea house) on the second floor, and then a planned exhibition hall and a Hangeul playground for children and foreigners on the third floor.

How To Go There:

Ichon Station (Seoul Subway Line 4 & Jungang Line), Exit 2.
Walk straight for about 725m.


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