Montmartre Park – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

Located within Banpo 4-dong area in Seocho-gu, Seoul, Montmartre Park was initially a wild forest with densely populated acacia trees. In 2000, as a part of the Banpo-dong reservoir development project implemented by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, this hilltop was turned into a park open to the public where visitors can rest and use for leisure purposes. This park was given the name “Montmartre Park” due to its close proximity to Seorae Village, a French town in Seoul.

How To Go There:

From Express Bus Terminal Station (Seoul Subway Line 3, 7), walk to Samseong Raemian Apt Bus Stop (approx. 540m.
Take Seocho Village Bus No. 13 or No. 21 and get off at Supreme Prosecutor’s Office/Seocho Police Station Bus Stop.

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