Iljasan Mountain Natural Park – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

Iljasan Mountain is the tallest peak in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, providing the western boundary between Gangdong-gu and Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do. Iljasan Mountain is one of the best spots in Seoul to watch the sunrise. Located on the mountain is the house of Master Lee Jip (pen-name Dunchon), providing a good getaway spot for local residents. Lee jip was a loyal government official during the reign of King Gongmin during the late Goryeo Dynasty. He was forced to move to a underground tunnel in the southwest side of Iljasan Mountain to avoid entrapment by Shin Don, a person of influence at the time. While living in hiding, he took the pen-name Dunchon (meaning drawing back to the countryside) to symbolize the hardships he was going through. The nearby area was named after him, being called Dunchon-dong.

How To Go There:

– Take Blue Bus No. 361 and get off at Bohun Hospital.

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