Godeok Riverside Ecological Park – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

Godeok Riverside Ecological Park

The sandbanks, willow trees, and lush forest that can be found at Godeok Riverside Ecological Park are some things that people won’t usually find in today’s urban ecosystem. Located in the upper region of the Hangang River and next to the Godeok-dong Eco-scape Preservation Area, the park functions as a space for nature and wetland ecology exploration.

Godeok Riverside Ecological Park was established as part of the Hangang River Renaissance Project, a comprehensive project that aims to transform the riverside areas into recreational spaces.

How To Go There:

From Godeok Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 3
-Walk straight ahead and turn left at Dongnam-ro Street.
-Walk along Dongnam-ro Street for about 540 meters until you reach Gwangmungogyo Sageori (intersection).
-Turn right at the intersection, following Dongnam-ro 82-gil until you reach the three-way intersection in front of Yennal So-meori Gukbap (옛날 소머리국밥).
-Continue walking and take the third right to arrive at Arisuro72-gil Street.
-Follow this street until you reach a four-way intersection.
-Turn left and continue straight ahead to reach the park.

(about a 45-min walk / walking is faster than taking a bus)


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