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Overcoming the pain of history and focusing on the greatness of nature and life, the DMZ train is introduced with three cabins, each with a theme of peace, love and harmony respectively. Seats with great views of the outside, cafe, photo-zone, photo gallery and many other services are provided in this tourist train. Passengers can enjoy great scenic views on the DMZ train as it bypasses the renowned Imjingang Railroad Bridge.

Opening date
[Gyeongui Line DMZ train] May 4, 2014
[Gyeongwon Line DMZ train] August 1, 2014

[Gyeongui Line DMZ train] Every Monday & Public Holidays
[Gyeongwon Line DMZ train] Every Tuesday

About 2-hour

Tour Course Information
[Peace Train DMZ Course]
* Gyeongui Line DMZ-train
Dorasan Station: 307, Huimang-ro, Jangdan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Dorasan Security Tour: Yongsan Station – Imjingang Station – Confirmation of identity at Imjingang Station and transit to Dorasan Station – Dora Peace Park – Tongilchon (lunch) – Dora Observatory – The 3rd Tunnel (on foot / monorail) – Unification platform of Dorasan Station – Yongsan Station

* Gyeongwon Line DMZ Train
Baengmagoji Station: 3591, Pyeonghwa-ro, Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do
Cheorwon Security Tour: Seoul Station – Baengmagoji Station – Durumi (Crane) Village (lunch) – Cheorwon Korean Workers’ Party Headquarters – Eradication of Communism OP – Geumgangsan Mountain railroad – Baengmagoji Battle Monument – Daema-ri Regional Specialty Product Market – Seoul Station

Yeoncheon Dreaming Tour: Seoul Station – Sintan-ri Station (freestyle lunch) – Jaein Fall – Jeongok Prehistoric Museum – Herb Village – Taepung Observatory – Water Tour of Yeoncheon Station / Okgye Market – Seoul Station

Shopping Information
[DMZ Train Cafe]
Sale of food and DMZ-related souvenirs inside the train

Age Limit for Activities
No age limit

Operating Hours
Please refer to homepage for the train timetables

Maximum Occupancy
150 people

Facility Utilization Fees
* DMZ Train fare information is available on the Korail website.

How To Go There:

DMZ train departs from Seoul Station (Seoul Subway Line 1,4,AREX). Please refer to homepage for more details.

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