Deoksugung Palace’s Daehanmun Gate – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

Deoksugung Palaces Daehanmun Gate

Inhwamun Gate used to be the main gate before the main hall, Junghwajeon Hall, was built. The palace was expanded in 1902, building Junghwajeon Hall, Junghwamun Gate and Jowonmun Gate in order to furnish the sytem of law books. After that, the site for Inhwamun Gate became the site for Geongeukmun Gate, and Daehanmun Gate was built to the east of Jowonmun Gate, using it as the main gate. The gate was rebuilt in 1904 and it was currently moved back due to the expanded road.

How To Go There:

City Hall Station (Seoul Subway Line 1, 2) Exit 2.


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