Dapsimni Antique Art Street – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

Dapsimni Antique Art Street is where the travelers can stumble upon good old paintings, antique furniture and pottery, as well as, a variety of household items. These antique shops used to scatter all around the area of Cheonggyecheon Stream 8(pal)-ga, Itaewon, and Ahyeon-dong, wand has now gathered up around dapsimni areas since the mid-1980s. There are about 140 shops lined up along the streets.

It is quite fun to browse through antiquities including wooden candlesticks, grandfather clocks, old picture frames, which are usually hard to find in usual stores. This is also the reason to that explains why it not only attracts Koreans but also international visitors to this street. Shops in Insa-dong, also known for the sale of antiqes, typically and mainly sell good quality and expensive antiques, while dapsimni is known for a wide assortment of small items with reasonable prices, starting from a few one thousand won.

How To Go There:

Get off at Dapsimni Station (Seoul Subway Line 5) and Exit 1 or 2.
Walk for about 2-min towards Dongbu market.

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