How To Go To Hongdae Family Housetel 2


Hongdae Family Housetel 2 – 568-7, Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Shinchon / Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea

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1. The Seoul Metro (Airport railroad, Subway)
From the Incheon International Airport, It takes 46 mins and costs 3,600 won.

a. Find the Hongik Univ. Station(#239) on the Seoul subway Map. It is on Line 2 (Green Line)
b. Make your trip to Hongik Univ. Station.
b. Take Exit 2

1. The Limousine bus #6002(fee:10,000 won)

a. Exit door # 5 or # 12 on the 1st floor at the airport
b. You will be able to see the signs 5B or12B
c. Take the Airport bus No. 6002 at gate 5B (or 12A)
d. Get off at the Hongik Univ. Bus Stop which is the 3rd stop from the airport. The bus ride takes about 40mins.
e. After you get off the bus, cross the road towards Hyundai OilBank (Gas Station).

2. When facing Hyundai Oilbank(Gas Station), turn left then walk down the street. You will meet an intersection.

3. Cross the road and turn right, you will be able to see ‘Hanabank’

4. At the ‘Hanabank’ turn left.

6. Walk straight until you come to a ‘GS25’ convenient store. And turn left.

7. After turning left, keep going about 30meters(Tara sign on your left), you will be able to see our Hostelhongdae sigh on your right in the alley.

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