How To Go To Banana Backpackers Guesthouse

Banana Backpackers Guesthouse

Banana Backpackers Guesthouse – 7, Duteopbawi-ro 25-gil, Yongsan-gu, Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea

Banana Backpackers Guesthouse map

The best way to get to Banana Backpackers from Incheon international airport is to take an airport bus.

[Airport Limousine Bus]

— How to get to (New) Banana backpackers from Incheon Airport —

1. Take a bus No.6001 from bus stop 6A or 12B.

(bus fare : 14000KRW/one way)

2. Get off at Sookmyung Women’s Univ. bus stop (숙대입구역)

(It takes around 1 hour and 20 min.)

3. Follow the bus direction, Cross the crosswalk on your right.

and Turn Left and go straight 100M passing by GS25, PIZZA HUT sign.

4. Cross the forward crosswalk and Turn right at EXIT No. 2.

5. Go straight 500M forward. While you’re walking,

You can see Domino’s PIZZA, GS25, and Motorcycle shops sign.

6. After you cross an intersection,

you will see ‘Yongsan high school’ on the other side.

7. Keep going straight about 30m after passing by “CAFE BOILER”,

Turn left before Parking lot (주차장),

then you will see the ‘Banana Backpackers’ yellow signboard about 20m ahead.


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