Directions to Travelers A Guesthouse

Travelers A Guesthouse

1. From Inchon Airport :

a. By Airport bus No. 6002 (1 hour 30 min.)
– Take the airport bus no.6002
– get off at the Jong-no 4 ga bus stop.
– go straight(through the bus line) and turn right at the first corner.
– cross the crosswalk at the end of the block
– and cross again to the left.
– go straight for 30M
– turn right at the first side street.
– go straight for 30M

b. By Airport bus No. 6015 (1 hour 30 min.)
– get off at the Ulji 4 ga bus stop.(in front of KukDo Hotel)
– go straight for 30M(through the bus line)
(then you will find ulji 4 ga subway station.)
– use Exit No.4. (The exit of the escalator)
and go straight for 20 steps around.
– turn right at the first side street. (you will find a parking-lot in the street )
– and turn left at the end of the street
– you can see our signboard
. ( it’s yellow colour)

2. In Seoul City: Take subway Line 2 or Line 5., and Leave at ‘ ULJI RO 4 Ga’ station. From Exit 4 of the station, it is just 1~2 minutes.

3. When you are in TAXI and if you need any assistance, ask to driver to call by his phone.
we can tell the direction to the taxi driver.