Directions to The JA Garosu

The JA Garosu

From the airport, the first bus is at 05:30am and the last bus is at 11:00pm.
There’s a bus every 13-17 minutes and the journey takes around 50 mins.
Take bus 6006 at the platform 5A or 11B on the first floor.
Get off at the first bus stop ‘Misung Apartment’.
Walk along the street for 1 block (The direction is right when the bus stands behind you.)
Turn left and walk for 2 block more.
Turn left again and walk for 3 block, you can see the sign of coffee shop – D’ASTI -.
That’s the right building. You can see the ‘524’sign of address on the entrance.
Take the elevator and we’re on the fifth floor of the Building at ‘Unit 501’.

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