Directions to Nomad House Itaewon

Nomad House Itaewon

From the airport, take airport express line and go to Gong Deok Station (around 55 mins) then transfer to line no. 6 and go to Itaewon station (only 4 stops from Gong Deok station). Fine exit no.1 then keep walking along the street around 1 min until you will find ABC neon board (yellow board with red letter). before that there’s a shop (pacific shopping) turn right and keep walking up about 2 mins to the end of street then turn right and walk about 1 min. turn left and keep going for 1 min then you will find a building with international flags called ‘Mountain view’ Find the building called high vill located inside of opposite side of the street of mountain view. Then you will find our property.