Directions to ForTune Hongdae Hostel

ForTune Hongdae Hostel

Please take Airport Railroad Line which is directly connected to Hongik Univ. Station. Please disembark from the train at Hongik University Station (also called Hongdae) and exit the station at EXIT #9. It will only take 10 minutes for you to walk from the station and arrive at ForTune Hostel.

– By Subway, take Subway Line#2 or Airport Railroad Train and get off at Hongik University Station, Exit #9
– Just follow your nose, and walk straight until you find the 1st traffic light and turn left.
– Walk past ‘TGI Friday’ and cross the street in front of the ‘Angel-in-Us’ Cafe.
– Turn left and walk pass ‘Mister Donut’ and turn right onto the street between ‘Holika-Holika’ and ‘Tony Moly.’
– Walk straight until you find ‘ANYMODE.’
– Walk pass it until you reach the ‘Sangsangmadang’ building.
– Cross the street and walk 1 more minute until you reach the 7-Eleven building on your right-hand side.
– We are on the 5th Floor of the same building as the 7-Eleven.

For Our Annex Guesthouse:-
-You just need to walk 10 meter, to the building next to our 7-Eleven Building and take the elevator to 5th Floor – Our Annex was called Mamas & Papas Guesthouse.

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