Directions to Chingu Guesthouse Hongdae

Chingu Guesthouse Hongdae

By subway:

1. Once you arrive at ‘Hongik Univ.’ subway station, take EXIT 1.
2.Once out of Exit 1, go right and walk straight until the first intersection.
3. Turn RIGHT once at the intersection.
4. Walk straight and turn left at the next intersection, you’ll see two 7-eleven’s, and a Paris Baguette at this intersection.
5. Walk for about 50 meters until you reach the CU MART which will be on your right hand.
6. Walk just a few seconds more until you reach MOD’s hair PARIS hair salon.
7. We are located in the alley just behind MOD’s hair PARIS salon.

By airport bus:

Direction for Limousine bus #6002(fee:10,000 won)

1. Exit from door # 5 or # 12 on the 1st floor of the airport
2. You will see the sign ‘ 5B ‘ or ‘ 12B ‘
3. Take the Airport bus No. 6002 at gate 5B (or 12B)
4. Get off at ‘Kyungnam Wedding Hall’ Bus Stop. The bus ride takes about 40mins.
5. After you get off the bus, go across the crosswalk towards Hyundai Car dealer.
6. Go straight down the street between the Hyundai Car dealership and the Kyungnam Wedding hall(경남웨딩홀)
7. Continue straight past CU mart and turn right at the 3way intersection
8. You will see another CU MART across the road
9. The building next to CU MART is Mod’s hair PARIS
10. We are located just behind Mod’s hair PARIS

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