Directions to Bangrang Hostel

Bangrang Hostel

On arrival at Incheon Airport, leave through any exit A~F on the Ground Floor (Floor#1).
Once outside the airport building you will see lots of bus stops.
Go to the ticket office nearby and buy a one-way ticket for bus number 6015. It costs 10,000 won (Korean currency)
You need one of two bus stops; get on either the 5B or the 11A.
Your journey will take about 1 hour if there is no traffic.
Get off at the Chungjeongno, the fifth stop. You can either count the stops or listen carefully for the announcement. Or simply ask the bus driver.
After getting off the bus, turn right.
Walk on for 1 minute until you see a Chinese restaurant (Xingchai) on your left.
From there you can see Chungjeongno subway station (on the Green Line).
There is a street between Exit no 5 and Exit no 6. Go along this street.
After walking about 10 meters you will find the Bangrang Hostel on your left.


Airport Train:
Take the AirTrain to Hong-ik university staion and tranfer to subway to get Chungjeongno station. You need to get off at this station and you can leave by Exit No.5 or Exit No. 6.
if you concern about the heavy luggage, you can take elevator to get out.

Outside there is a street between Exit No.5 and Exit No. 6. You need to walk along this street and after walking about 10 meters. you will find the Bangrang Hostel on your left.

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