Seoul Gyeonggyojang House – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

Gyeonggyojang House, Historic Site No. 465, was the location of the provisional government and the place where Baekbeom Kim Koo passed away. Seoul-si reproduced the historical site, Gyeonggyojang House, to use the area as an educational site. Also, the house exhibits the history of provisional government in order to see the history more clearly.

Restoration work includes the demolition of the inside that was turned into a hospital facility and embassy after he passed away in 1949. During the work, the remaining parts were restored to the utmost possibility. The other reconstructed parts are based on the Gyeonggyojang House floor plan written in Chosun and Architecture (8th edition in 1938). Visitors can see varied contents related to Korean provisional government history through relics, video, and information searching corners.

How To Go There:

Seodaemun Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 4.
-Walk straight for 270m and take a left at the site of Donuimun Gate.
-The destination is on your left.

K-live – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

K-live, the world’s first K-pop hologram performance hall invites you to a world of hallyu fantasy. Located on the 9th floor of Lotte FitIn (롯데피트인), the hall showcases a variety of K-pop concerts using the best in hologram technology. The experience is made even more immersive with the combination of augmented and virtual reality technologies. Audiences can watch their favorite artists projected onto a 270-degree media facade, which is accompanied by a 14.2 channel surround sound system.

How To Go There:

Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 4, and 5), Exit 11 or 12.
K-live is located on the 9th floor and 10th floor of Lotte FitIn (opposite Dongdaemun History & Culture Park).
Lotte FitIn is directly connected to the subway.

1. Get off at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Bus Stop.
– Blue Bus 105, 144, 152, 261, 301, 420, 407
– Green Bus 7212, 2014, 2233
– Airport Bus 9403
2. Get off at Euljiro Co-op Residence Bus Stop.
– Airport Bus 6001
3. Get off at Gwanghui-dong Bus Stop.
– Blue Bus 100, 105, 144, 301, 420, 407
– Green Bus 7212

Saenamteo Catholic Holy Place of the Martyrs – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

When taking the subway from Seoul Station to Yongsan Station, you will notice a tall and distinct hanok (traditional Korean architecture) building; this is Saenamteo Catholic Holy Place of the Martyrs. Construction of the building began in 1984, the year of the 200th anniversary of Catholicism in Korea, and was completed after three years.

Also called “Nodeul” and “Sanamgi”, Saenamteo was used as military training ground during the early Joseon period. It was also the place where convicted felons and the Sayuksin (the six martyred ministers) were executed.

Many Catholics were executed here during the Sinyu Persecution of 1801, the Gihae Persecution of 1839, the Byeongo Persecution of 1846, and the Byeongin Persecution of 1866. Among those executed were 11 priests including the first Korean priest Kim Taegon (Andrew), the first Chinese priest that came to Korea Ju Mun Mo (Jacobus), the first French priest that came to Korea Bishop Imbert and other Catholics including Hyeon Seok-mun. There is also an altar here where the remains of nine Catholic saints are enshrined.

How To Go There:

Yongsan Station (Seoul Subway Line & Jungang Line), Exit 1.
After coming out of the station, walk to the right for about 63m.
Turn right at the first corner (toward Dragon Hill Spa & Sauna) and keep walking until the end of the street.
Turn left and walk for about 650m.
Turn right at the corner where Bingchang Rainwater Pumping station (빙창빗물펌프장) is located.
Walk for another 188m and after passing the train tracks, you will see the building on the left side of the street.


Samseongsan Holy Ground – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

During the Gihae Persecution of 1839, three French Catholic priests were sentenced to death for spreading Catholicism in Korea. Saint Laurent Joseph Marius Imbert (Bishop), Saint Pierre Philibert Maubant (Priest), and Saint Jacques Honore Chastan (Priest) were beheaded on September 21, 1839 at Saenamteo (currently Saenamteo Catholic Holy Place of the Martyrs) and their bodies were buried at Samseongsan Mountain and later transferred to the grotto of Myeondong Cathedral.

How To Go There:

1) Sillim Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 4.
Walk straight for 155m and take Bus 5522A.
Get off at Samseongsan Holy Ground (Samseongsanseongji) Bus Stop (9 bus stops away).
Walk toward Samseong Youth Center and then the holy ground will be located next to the youth center (within 260m from the bus stop).

2) Seoul Nat’l Univ. (Gwanak-gu Office) Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 3.
Walk for 166m and take Bus 5517 or 6515 and get off at Samseong Holy Ground (Samseongsanseongji) Bus Stop (11 bus stops away).
Walk toward Samseong Youth Center and then the holy ground will be located next to the youth center (within 260m from the bus stop).

Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

Located in the heart of Seoul, Myeong-dong is a landmark of Seoul where 6.8 million tourists visit every year. To help those visiting Myeong-dong, Myeongdong Tourist Information Center opened on the first floor of the KEB Hana Bank (Main branch) Annex. The tourist information center offers various services related to Seoul tourism like tour guides, accommodations, performance reservations, events, commemorative photographs, dealing with tourism inconvenience and other services.

How To Go There:

Euljiro 1-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 2) Exit 6.
Take the first left out of the exit, walk straight and the Tourist Information Center will be directly ahead.

Alternatively, from Euljiro 1-ga Station enter the Euljiro Underground Shopping Center and exit through the shopping center’s Exit 2. The Information Center will be directly ahead on the left (90m).

Odong Neighborhood Park – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

Odong Neighborhood Park is located in the areas of Beon-dong and Mia-dong in Gangbuk-gu and Wolgok-dong in Seongbuk-gu. The park is large in size and has a dense forest with various facilities like a resting area, community sports center, grassy lawn, tennis court, acupressure trail with red clay, walking paths, and much more. Nearby residents visit the park for leisure and relaxation.

How To Go There:

Wolgok Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 3.
Take a left at the first corner and continue straight on this road to reach the park up ahead.

Grand Walkerhill Riverpark – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

Grand Walker Hill Riverpark is a swimming pool using water comprised of alkali ingredients such as sodium and potassium from underground granite. Since it opened in 1994, the Riverpark is one Seoul’s most popular summer getaways to enjoy swimming. Surrounded by Hangang River and Achasan Mountain, it provides fresh air as well as natural scenery. People can use any of the various facilities, including the main pool, lazy river, swimming pool for children, pool-side restaurant offering special summer lunch, and one of the 250 sun tanning beds.

Operating Hours
10:00-18:00 / Nighttime 16:00-22:00

How To Go There:

Gwangnaru Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 4.
Walk straight and take Bus 1, 1-1, 1-2, 9, 9-1, 15, 91, 92, 93, 95, 96, 97, 2000-1 or 2000-3.
Get off at Walkerhill Apartment Bus Stop and walk along the road for about 870m.

※ A shuttle bus is available at Gwangnaru Station (Seoul Subway Line 5, Exit 2) and Gwangbyeon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, Exit2, opposite of Techno Mart)

Nanji Hangang Park MTB Course Site – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

Situated in Nanji Hangang Park, the MTB Course Site is perfect for MTB lovers as well as beginners who wish to enter the world of extreme biking with safety. Spanning over a 4m-width and 450m-length, the MTB Course Site is the nation’s first MTB course site, established on a flatland, reproducing perfectly realistic mountain ridges and slopes.

How To Go There:

World Cup Stadium Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 1.
Go out exit 1 and walk for 20 mins following the signposts to Nanji Hangang Park.

Lotte World Tower & Mall – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

Lotte World Tower was designed with a conceptual design drawing inspiration from Korean ceramics and Korean writing brushes. With 123 floors total, the tower is the fifth tallest building in the world, standing at 555 meters (1,824 ft). The tower contains galleries, cafés, and a luxury hotel, in addition to a skywalk and an observation deck. It will be one of the best spots to appreciate the breathtaking view of Seoul’s vibrant city lights.

Lotte World Mall, located next to the tower, features Avenuel, a complex of luxury department stores. The multi-leveled mall draws in many visitors as one of the top shopping attractions in Seoul, with a variety of domestic and foreign brands. The mall also offers a wide-range of entertainment facilities, such as a movie theater, aquarium, concert hall, and more.

How To Go There:

Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 8), Exit 1, 2, 10, 11

Green Bus: 3217, 3313, 3314, 3315, 4319
Red Bus: 1007-1, 1100, 1700, 6900, 7007
Blue Bus: 301, 341, 360, 362
Airport Bus: 6000, 6006, 6705, 6706A

Insa-dong PR Center – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

Insa-dong PR Center opened in 2006 with the goal of providing accessible education for both domestic and international visitors to understand Korean traditions and history. It was built in what was once the private residence for Prince Uichin (1877-1955), one of the sons of Emperor Gojong (1852-1919).

Insa-dong PR Center also introduces the traditions and culture of Insa-dong, and provides tour pamphlets and tourist assistance in multiple languages (English, Japanese and Chinese). Visitors can try on hanbok (traditional costumes) and enjoy Wi-Fi within the facility.

How To Go There:

Jonggak Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit 3.
Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 6.

Green Bus: 0212, 1020, 7022, 7023, 7025
Blue Bus: 100, 103, 109, 160, 161, 171, 172, 200, 271, 601, 606
Red Bus: 5500, 9003, 9205, 9400, 9401, 9411, 8130